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Managing Director's message

Niraj Khadka

Managing Director

Why do you want to study in foreign country ?

Of course reasons could be many – to have the opportunity to create a better future, experience a different culture, top quality education, learn a new language, career opportunity, become independent and many more. No doubt that countries like Japan, Australia, UK, and the US have far better education systems and employment opportunities. And this is where we come into play.
Studying abroad is a global phenomenon, with students crossing countries, continents and oceans to get the best education possible. Having scrutinized your academic credentials and financial status, we assist to pin your aim to what you really long for via coordinating you to create a proper portfolio and supporting documents. Your fretful anxiety and quizzical eyes get fixed at your goal all at once when you table a discussion with us.
Our team of experts provides you with substantial help from Test preparation to settlement by bolstering your academic potentials.
What we strongly believe is – Upbeat International Educational Consultancy pvt. ltd bestows you with the most reliable information regarding enrollment of academic degrees in the foreign Universities. It guides you to properly invest your time and money to the desired course, research and other quests where you can manifest your latent talent.
More importantly, let us welcome the universities abroad and anybody interested in Upbeat which may become handy to make you come with flying colors. Do write to us without hesitation if you have any constructive suggestions.