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Career Guidance/Education Counselling

Tell us about your education up to now, your interests and skill sets, your goals, dreams, as well as your preferred institute, subject and location. We can suggest some great options, and advise you on your courses, career paths and possible financial support.
Once we have worked out your personal and professional goals, your academics, we will check that you meet the college entry requirements and talk about the requirements for VISA.
We will guide you on the documentation and process requirements for a study visa
There is nothing to worry about the paperwork, we are here for you and will take care of everything for you. You just need to ensure that you have got appropriate health cover, insurance, sufficient financial resources and meet your language requirements. We will help you with each of these, if needed.

VISA Application Guidance

We help you to lodge your visa application with accurate information and necessary documents. Once you have received confirmation of your admission to your desired college or university, you can begin your student visa application.
Filling out the correct forms and submitting supporting papers are both steered in the right direction. Under our supervision, procedures such as scheduling biometrics, visiting the visa application centre, and scheduling doctor’s appointments can be made much more convenient
The type of student visa you require is determined by your study destination and level of study. Here are some examples of usual requirements:

Bank Loan Assistance

The cost of education has been rising year after year all around the world. And Nepal is a country from which many students wish to pursue higher education around the world. Since Nepalese students are so interested in studying abroad, education loans have become common
The Nepalese government, banks, and other financial institutions have simplified the education loan process and offered competitive schemes to Nepalese students seeking a brighter educational future. In Nepal, numerous banks provide education loans to aspiring students. However, students must evaluate the study loan based on various factors, terms and conditions. The applicant should understand total loan cost, monthly instalments, interest rates, loan processing costs, subsidies, grace periods, term periods, loan processing times, repayment schemes, moratorium periods, etc. As a result, students must investigate several banks and conduct studies on the application process and foreign exchange rates.

Student Accommodation

Once you get enrolled, you will have a wide variety of accommodation options to choose from. You can book a room for yourself as a student from Nepal itself. You can find a localhost as well. However, it is essential to locate a location that best fits your needs. And we are here for that
Things you need to reconsider-

Forex Assistance, Travel Guidance and Airport Pickup

Money transfers are a necessity for most international students. But there are so many options, it can be confusing. If you don’t want to worry about direct bank transfers with high exchange rates, or if you don’t want to pay by credit card, we have the solution.
Money transfers are a fast and convenient way to securely pay for tuition, living expenses, and accommodation. Plus all the fun stuff, like travel and entertainment!
For your study expenses, funds from your home country can be paid in local currency and transferred in your destination country currency to each recipient, such as your university or accommodation provider.
We are here to help you with that as well. Just Remember us. And there will always be someone at the airport for you. You will need to confirm if you need someone to pick you up or not